Is Your Mindset Ready to Start A Business in Retirement?

So you’re thinking about starting a business in retirement?

Why not?

A business can help to fill some of the gaps left from your career and can help you to achieve greater growth – both financially and emotionally.

The whole experience can be rewarding in many ways.

Here’s the thing though:

Along the way you’re going to be facing some challenges and there’s no real way to prepare for what’s going to come up.

That’s why before you even start thinking about business models, company names and setting anything up, you need to create the right mindset.

That way you can enjoy it along the way too because at this stage if you’re not having fun with it…why even do it?

How do you create the mindset?

Glad you asked.

A New Series: Create the Right Mindset for Business Success

To save you countless hours of figuring it out, I spoke to retirement coaches and asked them how they work with their clients through this process.

They shared ideas and strategies to help reduce your risk, set you up for success and are essentials if you’re serious about getting started.

The result is the following series of articles.

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Ready to jump into it?

Let’s go.

Here’s One Question To Help You Know What Type of Business to Start in Retirement
Not sure what type of business makes sense for you?

Confused as to where to begin?

By asking yourself one key question, the answer starts to become clear.

How to Silence Your Inner Critic When Starting Your Business
As you’re thinking about starting a business, does a voice inside of you talk you out of it?

Telling you things like “You’re too old” or “You’re not good with technology.”

That voice has a name and you have the ability to silence it.

How to Create a Vision For Your Business That Excites You
According to one online source, 53% of small business owners rank their happiness at 9 or more.

As you move into this space, let’s make sure you’re part of that group.

It starts with a clear vision and taking the steps to make it happen.

And there are more articles to come in this series.

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