How to Silence Your Inner Critic When Starting Your Business

It never fails. Each time you have a business idea you hear your inner critic.

You know that critic I’m talking about.

The one that always knocks you down a few rings and tells you why you can’t do it.

What would you say if I told you it was possible to silence that inner critic?


Then keep on reading.

That critic has a name and it’s called…

…a limiting belief.

What is a limiting belief?

It’s a thought you have about yourself or something external that holds you back in some way.

This thought keeps you from moving forward.

It keeps you stuck.

Since you’re looking to start a business, stuck doesn’t get you anywhere.

Let’s work on getting you unstuck.

Are you with me?

Before we do that, I spoke to an expert who helps people to work through their own limiting beliefs and wanted to share his thoughts.

How limiting beliefs get in your way

I reached out to Reed Dewey owner of and a Certified Retirement Coach, who works with clients to overcome their limiting beliefs.

“Sometimes limiting beliefs and assumptions get in the way of fully living life,” said Reed.

Take that in for a moment and ask yourself, during this stage of your life, as you pursue business ideas, do you want to get in the way of fully exploring ideas?

Now think about the times you have succeeded in life. What’s one common factor in those scenarios?

Reed shared, “The times we really succeed in life is when we believe we can do something. When we shut down and don’t reach out, that’s when things close.”

“The times we really succeed in life is when we believe we can do something.”
– Reed Dewey,

Do you want your business to close before it even started because of this perceived belief?

I hope not.

“When people are in a situation of trying to learn what they want to do, especially in times of transition, their gremlins come up,” said Reed. “All of those thoughts and ideas of how they can’t do something.

“It’s ironic because it’s when you’re going through a transition when you need the strength and power to move forward.”

Now let’s take the next step to identify what your limiting beliefs might be before building that strength and power.

How to identify your limiting beliefs

To help you identify what some of your limiting beliefs might be, Reed suggested to start with, “What are the issues and thinking patterns that get in your way? We don’t need to know how they came to be. We just need to know what those thinking patterns are and we can work with that.”

What does this mean for you starting a business?

Glad you asked.

Here’s some limiting beliefs I’ve had and others I’ve heard from friends and colleagues when it comes to starting a business.

  • All I’ve done for the past 20 years is X, I can’t possibly do anything else
  • I’m going to fail and all my friends and family will judge me
  • I’m not good with technology. I can’t start an online business.

Any of those examples resonate with you?

Are you starting to see some of your own limiting beliefs and how they might be holding you back from pursuing a business?

These beliefs start to create the negative realities we’re hoping to avoid.

Bad little gremlins!

Now you have your limiting belief identified, let’s work through how to overcome it.

Working through limiting beliefs

I asked Reed how to help you build the strength and power to work through your limiting beliefs.

We’ll use the initial thought of “I’m not good with this technology stuff.”

Based on that thought, these are the questions to ask yourself and can be broken down into groupings.

Clearly seeing the limiting belief and how it stands in your way:

  • What are your concerns with technology?
  • How important is it for you to be able to have a successful online business on a scale of 1-10? (If it’s less than 8, you might want to reconsider starting one.)
  • What role does technology play in your success?

Once you’ve identified the importance of overcoming the limiting belief, you can start to come up with ways to overcome.

At this point, any idea is a good idea. It’s about changing your thinking pattern and getting into solutions and away from problems.

  • How might you be able to address this challenge for you? Name at least 3 ideas.
  • What’s another way you might look at this?
  • How does that make you feel to think about this in another way?

Now it’s time to get to action.

  • What is an action you might be able to take as a result of that feeling?

“I know what has been helpful for some of my clients is how to reframe and think differently,” said Reed. “So it could be seen as a challenge and almost like a game or a puzzle to figure out about how you’re going to overcome that initial thought.”

Wrapping this up

You might have that inner voice holding you back telling you why you can’t start your own business.

It’s called a limiting belief and it gets in your way of moving forward.

You were given tips to identify your limiting beliefs and questions to ask yourself to overcome them.

Now in the comments section below, let us know the limiting belief you’ve had and the one action you’re going to take to get yourself moving forward.

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